1989: Amelia Jessica Pond is born to parents Tabetha and Augustus Pond in Scotland.

1994: A young Amelia Pond meets her adult self at a fair.

1996: Amelia meets the Doctor after he crash lands in her garden.

2008: Amelia, now known as 'Amy', rejoins the Doctor to catch Prisoner Zero and save Earth from the Atraxi.

June 2010: Amy joins the Doctor as a companion after he again comes back for her.

3295: On her first trip to the future, Amy saves a Star Whale from being killed by the Doctor.

1941: Amy encounters the Daleks during her first adventure in the past.

Unknown: Amy meets River Song and battles the Weeping Angels in the wreck of the Byzantium starliner in the 51st century.

1850: Amy saves Venice from the Saturnyns with the Doctor and Rory.

Unknown: Amy, Rory and the Doctor experience a dream world created by psychic pollen.

2020: Amy escapes the Silurians but loses Rory, who is erased from all of time and space.

June 1890: Amy meets Vincent van Gogh in 19th century France.

102: Amy is killed by Rory, who is in the form of an Auton.

ENTER 5.12, 5.13, 5.X


April 2011: ENTER The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

ENTER The Curse of the Black Spot

2011: ENTER Night Terrors

April 2011: ENTER Closing Time

December 2013: ENTER The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

April 2014: Pond Life 1

May 2014: Pond Life 2

June 2014: Pond Life 3

July 2014: Pond Life 4

August 2014: Pond Life 5

2014: Asylum of the Daleks

July 2015: The Power of Three starts: the invasion begins, the Doctor meets Kate

October 2015: Amy commits to being a bridesmaid and Rory goes Full Time. Day 67 of Brian's Log.

December 2015: Strange things happen at the hospital.

June 2016: Amy/Rory Sixth Anniversary. 7 weeks.

July 2016: Brian's Log, Day 361. Apprentice/cubes. Cubes start moving. Tower of London, Hospital.