1973: Elton Pope is born.[1]

1977: On the night of his mother's death, Elton meets the Doctor for the first time.[1]

March 2005: Elton witnesses the shop-window dummies coming to life.[1]

March 2006: Elton watches an alien spaceship crash into Big Ben.[1]

December 2006: Elton sees the Sycorax spaceship flying over London.[1]

Unknown: Elton finds Ursula's blog on the internet.[1]

Unknown: Elton meets Ursula at a park.[1]

2007: Elton begins attending LINDA meetings with Ursula, Mr Skinner, Bridget and Bliss.[1]

2007: Ursula films Elton talking in front of his childhood home.[1]

March 2007: Elton and the rest of LINDA meet 'The Abzorbaloff' - an Abzorbalovian disguised as a human called 'Victor Kennedy'.[1]

2007: Elton finds the Doctor and Rose neutralising a Hoix in a Woolwich warehouse.[1]

2007: While searching for Rose, Elton meets Jackie Tyler in a laundrette in South London.[1]

2007: Elton fixes Jackie's washing machine.[1]

2007: After several visits, Elton is seduced by Jackie. However, Jackie gets a phone call from Rose and no longer feels in the mood to experiment with Elton. Elton proposes that they go on as friends. But when he returns after he goes to get pizza, Jackie confronts him after finding a picture of Rose in his pocket. She tells him to get out, and he does.[1]

2007: Elton and Ursula walk out on Victor Kennedy, who then transforms into his natural self to absorb Mr Skinner. However, Ursula is absorbed by the Abzorbaloff when she returns to get her phone, which she had left inside before walking out. The Abzorbaloff chases Elton out of the building and corners him in a laneway, but the Doctor and Rose save him.[1]

2007: Elton records himself talking in his bedroom.[1]

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