At The Doctor Who Timelines Wikia, we have a particular format for all timelines, that must be obeyed in every format on this Wiki.

Exceptions to the following format will only occur if the matter has been discussed on a timeline's talk page and an Admin has decided to allow for a change.

If you do not understand any of the following rules, please see the timeline of Elton Pope.

Title Edit

The title of a Timeline is always the name of the character, planet or object being discussed.

For example, Amy Pond's timeline should be titled 'Amy Pond' (as this is her most common name) and not anything else. Any other names she may have, such as 'Amelia Pond', should not be used as a title.

No other titles or subtitles are to be included in the Timeline.

Birth or Creation Edit

The first entry of the Timeline is always the character, planet or object's birth or creation.

In this entry, a time and place must be given - no matter how vague. For a person, please state their birth parents. For an object, state, if possible, it's creator.

Entries Edit

Entries are written in the present tense, not the past.

Entries must always start begin with a time. The time is always an Earth year - 2006, for example. If the month of the event is known, the month can be included before the year. The exact date is not to be included.

Entries are to be listed in order of the person, planet or object in question's timeline. Not in order of year.