On this page is a large list of policies, rules and suggestions for those using this Wiki. It is being regularly updated with every issue that arises.

  1. Entries must always be in order of the entity's experience - not in order of linear dating.
  2. When adding an entry to a page, make sure the entry begins with a year ('1963', for example), a month followed by a year ('November 1963', for example) or 'Unknown' if the year of the event is not known.
  3. Entries must be brief. One or two sentences only.
  4. When adding an entry to a page, make sure the event is significant to the character.
  5. All entries are written in present tense - not past tense.
  6. Entries must finish with a reference.
  7. References are always a story. Any story can be used to gain information, no matter what medium it was released on. However, some stories may contradict each other. See this page for more information.
  8. If you find a page that shouldn't exist, raise the issue on the page's Talk Page or notify an Admin on their personal Message Wall.