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2007 Edit

February 18 Edit

Benjamin Cook sends the first email of the book that will become The Writer's Tale. He proposes a magazine article describing the writing of a Doctor Who episode to Russell T Davies.[1]

March 19 Edit

Catherine Tate officially says yes to coming back to Doctor Who and playing Donna in Series Four.[1]

March 21 Edit

Kylie Minogue's stylist suggests to Russell T Davies that Kylie should appear in Doctor Who.[1]

March 22 Edit

Will Baker rings Julie Gardner to confirm that Kylie Minogue is willing to appear in Doctor Who. This shocked Julie and Russell, as Baker had been very drunk when he first suggested the idea.[1]

March 26 Edit

Russell T Davies meets Kylie Minogue in London to pitch the 2007 Christmas Special to her.[1]

March 31 Edit

8.2 million UK viewers tune in to BBC One to watch Freema Agyeman's debut as Martha Jones in 'Smith and Jones' - the first episode of Series Three.[1]

April 11 Edit

After a Sarah Jane Adventures read-through, Jane Tranter (Head of Drama at the BBC) formally offers Russell T Davies the option to stay for a fifth series of Doctor Who. He declines.[1]

April 14 Edit

The FA Cup Semi-Final between Manchester United and Watford doesn't go into extra time, allowing 'Gridlock' to air afterwards (instead of being postponed).[1]

April 22 Edit

British newspaper News of the World learn of Kylie Minogue's upcoming part in Doctor Who, but incorrectly report that she will be playing a Cyberwoman.[1]

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