This is the 'Doctor Who Canon Food Chain' according to us. An explanation can be found below the order.

The Food Chain in the form of a Table of Credibility Edit

Level One is the most credible source and is always canon.

Level Two is canon unless it contradicts Level One.

Level Three is canon unless it contradicts Level One or Level Two, and so on.

Level One Doctor Who TV stories Torchwood TV stories Sarah Jane Adventures TV stories
Level Two Doctor Who Novelisations
Level Three Doctor Who New Series Adventures Novels
Level Four Doctor Who Quick Reads Novels
Level Five BBC Audio Stories
Level Six Big Finish Audio Stories
Level Seven Doctor Who Missing Adventures Novels Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures Novels Doctor Who New Adventures Novels Doctor Who Past Doctor Adventures Novels
Level Eight Comic Stories Short Stories
Level Nine Decide Your Destiny Novels Make Your Own Adventure Novels The Darksmith Legacy Novels

What does this mean? Edit

We count all of the above story types as Doctor Who canon. However, stories can contradict each other.

What this Food Chain means is that if any events that occurred in a non-TV story contradict events that occurred in a TV story, the events of the non-TV story are discredited completely. What happened in the TV story is therefore canon, while any other versions of this event are classified 'Speculation', even though they are from licensed and official Doctor Who stories.

Webcasts are not included in this Food Chain because different webcasts have different levels of credibility. These cases will be assessed independently and manually. ('The Curse of Fatal Death' and 'Scream of the Shalka' are at the bottom of the chain, as they are not canon at all, while the 2006 TARDISODES would be at the top alongside the TV stories).

Do remember that referencing this table is not the end of the discussion.

  • Events of Decide Your Destiny novels, for example, do not always count as canon, even if nothing contradicts them.
  • TV stories are not invulnerable. If a large number of stories from other mediums all contradict a TV story, the events of that TV story can be discredited.

Also remember that this table does not mean anything in other Wikis or Communities. It only applies to this Wiki.